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Ventilation Systems

Whether you wish to increase the energy efficiency of your factory building or have issues with your office insulation, Sub-Zero Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd can cater to all your ventilation, air purification and large-scale air handling concerns.

What is ventilation?

Ventilation describes the process whereby purified air (usually from the outdoors) is deliberately infused into a specific area, and the stale air is subsequently removed. Ventilation is usually required to stimulate good air quality and can additionally be used for cooling purposes.

Installing a ventilation system

As a nation, we spend the majority of our time indoors, the installation of a ventilation system can make a significant difference to any indoor environment. A good ventilation system is a particularly valuable investment if you’re seeking to rid your house or workspace of bad odours and provide fresh, breathable air.

At Sub-Zero, our ventilation systems are created with your health in mind, designed to reduce the amount of harmful substances in your airspace. Which is why we strongly recommend the installation of a ventilation system in any workspace. The reduction of harmful, airborne substances is expected to cause an increase in employee productivity, minimising ill-health and sickness, and improving staff overall well-being.

Another benefit associated with the installation of a ventilation system is to combat the build-up of condensation. One recognised complication of condensation is the development of damp, mould and rotting, evidently something any property would like to avoid. Good ventilation can assist in preventing condensation and the risks it presents.

Make your workplace the ideal environment for you and your staff. Choose our air purifying and ventilation systems, supplying the whole of South Wales.

Why choose Sub-Zero?

The team at Sub-Zero are specialists in all things HVAC. We guarantee a top-quality service that prioritises customer satisfaction above all else. Our engineers will not begin any installation before having discussed the entire job details with the client and developed a comprehensive understanding of the specific requirements and expectations of that client. We can supply an appropriate ventilation system regardless of how big or small your business and its needs.

Our countless years of experience have led to a breadth of knowledge across the air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation spectrum, you’ll struggle to find someone better suited for the job. We also offer 24-hour emergency repair response to all those residing in the Glamorgan region.

Looking after your ventilation system

It is crucial that you maintain your ventilation system through regular servicing. A well-maintained ventilation system will function in the most effective and efficient manner. This will consequently result in lower running costs, and increased product life and smoother, quieter running.

A poorly maintained ventilation system will lead to insufficiency and reduced air quality as a result. This neglect in maintenance could also be responsible for a costly repair service further down the line.

Sub-Zero’s services are not limited to the installation of ventilation systems, the team of skilled engineers are also equipped to tackle maintenance and repair jobs.

Bespoke ventilation services

Our ventilation engineers can help install the right air handling units for your business or office space. No matter what size or specification you require, our bespoke services are here for you. We are equipped to install a variety of ventilation systems, including, supply-only ventilation, balanced ventilation, and exhaust-only ventilation. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a free, no-obligation quotation.

Exhaust-only ventilation systems

An exhaust-only ventilation system operates by depressurising the property, reducing the indoor air pressure below that of the outdoor air pressure. A central exhaust fan extracts the air from indoors, whilst cooler, outdoor air penetrates the property.

Supply-only ventilation systems

A supply-only ventilation system operates by pressurising the property, using a central supply fan to force air from outdoors into the property. Meanwhile, the indoor air seeps out of the property through natural holes and vents.

Balanced ventilation systems

In contrast to the previous ventilation systems, balanced ventilation does not pressurise nor depressurise the property. Balanced ventilation instead introduces and discharges equal, or balanced, amounts of the fresh outdoor and contaminated indoor air.

24-Hour emergency call-out service

Have you encountered a malfunction with your ventilation system? For complete supply, installation and maintenance of your industrial cooling and heating units, you can rely on us. Our 24/7 call out service across the Glamorgan region has you covered, regardless of the hour.

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