Cellar Coolers Supply & Installation

Effective Cellar Coolers to meet your budget and expectations!

It is very important that your premises be equipped with proper Cellar Cooling systems so that everything is kept to the best temperture possible.  Sub-Zero Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd has you covered. The best quality of service right from the supply, installation and even maintenance of all the cellar cooling solutions regardless of the size of the premises.

We are market leaders in the Supply of J&E Units 

The J&E range provides a cost effective and reliable solution designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine  or any other industry that requires a temperture controlled cellar. 

The ability of electronic control down to 4 degrees also prolongs the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, diary products and other items requiring a temperature controlled environment.

Some Key benefits of our Cellar Coolers are:

  • 25m pipe run capability for total flexibility
  • Ease of installation keeps costs and time to a minimum
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty give total peace of mind
  • low noise suitable for residential areas 
  • Electronic controller as standard giving accurate temperature control
  • F-Gas compliant

Other services.

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