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Cellar Cooling Systems

It is highly important that your premises be equipped with an appropriate Cellar Cooling system in order to maintain a suitably cool, regulated temperature.

Effective Cellar Cooling Systems to meet your budget and expectations!

Sub-Zero Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd offer the best quality of service right from the supply, through to the installation and even maintenance of all cellar cooling solutions regardless of the size of the premises. Our specialist engineers possess over 30 years of combined experience within the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, your cellar cooling needs are safe in their highly capable hands.

We are so confident in our cellar cooling system installations that we offer a five-year warranty with an emergency engineer on-hand 24 hours a day in case of an unlucky break-down.

Why install a cellar cooling system

Cellar cooling systems are vital for any premises that require a chilled cellar, whether it's for the preservation of perishable items or simply to maintain the refreshing taste of a cold beer.

A cellar cooling system is the preferred method of refrigeration for premises that require temperatures below 18 degrees. If your desired temperature is that of 18 degrees or above, an air conditioning system might be considered more appropriate.

How cellar cooling systems work

A cooling system can be compared to a radiator that is used to heat your house, however, rather than hot water circulating through the pipes, a cold liquid is passed through instead. External, humid air is then drawn into the system through a membrane fan, before being dispensed as cooler air.

J&E Hall Cellar Cooling Systems

We are market leaders in the Supply of J&E Units.

The J&E range guarantees a cost-effective and reliable solution designed to maintain chilled temperatures required for bars, restaurants or any other industry that relies on a temperature-controlled cellar.

The ability to electronically control the temperature as low as 4 degrees prolongs the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other perishable goods requiring a temperature-controlled environment.

These market-leading cellar cooling units are fully equipped with the following features:
25m pipe run – the capability for total flexibility
Ease of installation – keeps time and monetary costs to a minimum
Three-year manufacturer's warranty – gives total peace of mind
Low noise pollution – suitable for residential areas
Electronic controller as standard – giving accurate temperature control
F-Gas compliant - we follow current F-Gas regulations

These specialised units can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, enabling for maximised space without the need for additional brackets.

F-Gas Regulations

‘F Gases’ are fluorinated gases traditionally used in refrigeration equipment, including air conditioners and cellar cooling systems. Science has proven that certain f gases are responsible for the weakening of the ozone layer. As a result, EU legislation has been implemented in order to limit the use of these gases, aimed at controlling how much F-gas is released into the earth’s atmosphere, in an attempt to protect the ozone layer.

As an F-Gas compliant company, Sub-Zero are committed to endorsing the following:

• Instantly repairing any cellar cooling system leaks as soon as they have been identified.
• Preventing any leaks from occurring
• Conducting regular and thorough testing, using fully qualified, compliant engineers
• Appropriately recording the details of each test
• Effectively dispose of any cellar cooling systems – when required

Bespoke cellar cooling systems

At Sub-Zero Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd, our team of friendly engineers will work closely with you to discuss your requirements and develop the most appropriate solution for you and your cellar. Our engineers will never undertake a cellar cooling installation without you having first been briefed on the complete proposal.

Offering a completely bespoke design, we can cater to your requirements entirely. Regardless of how big or small your requirements, the Sub-Zero team of trained professionals are on hand to provide you with extensive, expert advice.

We can supply effective cellar cooling systems to the following establishments:
• Public houses
• Bars
• Restaurants
• Hotels

Such establishments can also benefit from our regular maintenance and repair services.

Cellar Cooling System Repairs

A Sub-Zero customer’s journey doesn’t end with the initial cooling system install. Our team are committed to providing a comprehensive service from install, through to regular maintenance, repairs and if necessary, upgrades.

If your cellar cooling system requires a repair, contact us today to arrange a call-out – 02920 290 693


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