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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

We understand how disruptive a broken air conditioning unit can be. Which is why we promise to arrive swiftly to any call-out across South Wales or The West.

Sub-Zero Air Conditioning Repairs

The team at Sub-Zero are capable of installing, servicing and, where necessary, repairing air conditioning units. Our maintenance and repair services are available to everyone, regardless of whether or not we completed the initial installation of your unit.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you notice your air conditioning unit isn’t performing as it should be it is crucial you seek an air conditioning engineer. The suitably qualified engineer will assess the unit and diagnose issues resulting in under-performance.

There are a number of reasons why an air conditioning unit’s performance might be decreased. Obstructed filters, leaks and lack of maintenance can all cause an air conditioning unit to encounter issues and could lead to a costly repair.

Obstructed filters

An air conditioning unit with an obstructed filter might be considered fairly harmless. However, if left untreated, a number of problems can arise as a result of an obstructed filter, these issues not only affect the performance of the unit, but could also lead to an expensive repair, that could have otherwise been avoided.

An obstructed filter essentially prevents the air conditioning unit from breathing, a consequence of this is that the unit then attempts to work harder, to a less effective result. This increase in power by the air conditioning unit means you can expect an increase in your energy bills and a decrease in efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, an obstructed filter can affect other elements of the air conditioning system. This build-up of dirt in the air conditioning filter can spread to the unit’s coil or fan blade, this, in turn, can lead to a series of issues such as water leaks, or even complete failure.

Water leaks

Air conditioning units are always vulnerable to the threat of water leaks, although, certain circumstances such as filter obstruction can increase the intensity of this threat.

In the unfortunate event of a water leak, the air conditioning unit would experience a substantial decrease in performance, eventually, neither hot nor cold air would be produced by the unit.

F-Gas regulations state that air conditioning units experiencing water leaks must only be repaired by competent engineers that are able to provide a REFCOM certification number. As F-Gas compliant engineers, Sub-Zero are fully certified to complete air conditioning repairs of this variety.

Commercial air conditioning repairs

It is recommended that air conditioning units installed on a commercial basis are serviced at least twice a year. Commercial units are predicted to be used more frequently than units installed on a domestic basis and as such require increased maintenance.

Domestic air conditioning repairs

It is recommended that air conditioning units installed on a domestic basis be serviced at least once a year. As part of this service, an engineer will ensure your unit is performing as it should be and is not suffering from any common faults, such as blocked filters.

Benefits of air conditioning maintenance

Ensuring your air conditioning unit is adequately maintained is vital in preventing complete system failure and the need for an inconvenient repair job further down the line. A few benefits of regular maintenance are as follows:

Reduced energy – a well-maintained air conditioning unit as an energy-efficient air conditioning unit, meaning reduced energy bills.

Preventing large repairs – regular maintenance checks can help identify any issues before they become a larger, more expensive problem

Increased lifespan – an adequately maintained air conditioning unit has a longer life expectancy, avoiding the need for repair

Why choose Sub-Zero?

Our extensively experienced team has years’ worth of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning units. We are capable of repairing units from every manufacturer, including Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu; just to name a few!

We adhere to all current regulations and standards, delivering an air conditioning repair you can depend on.


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