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Domestic Air Conditioning

Installing an air conditioning unit at a domestic level offers a range of benefits and requires as little space as a traditional household radiator.

Effective Domestic Air Con Solutions

Sub-Zero Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd are market leaders within the Domestic Air Conditioning sector. With many years of experience in the air conditioning field, we know which products and solutions that would meet your budget and requirements.

We understand that you might feel overwhelmed and confused over which air conditioning unit will best suit your needs. This is why our team of friendly, professional engineers will work closely with you to design, source and install the most appropriate air conditioning unit for your circumstances. We can source a range of air conditioning designed to aesthetically please, making it easier than ever to select a unit intended to compliment your home and its individual style.

Domestic Air Conditioning Solutions for Your Home

Deciding upon a suitable domestic air conditioning unit requires careful consideration of many contributing factors. These factors include the number of rooms that require temperature regulation, the dimension, and layout of these said rooms, and the homeowner’s budget.

Sub-Zero carry out a site survey of all prospective domestic air conditioning properties prior to installation. The professional and experienced team will assess the layout of your property, combined with your requirements and suggest a solution tailored to compliment your home’s interior as well as your individual budget and needs.

Wall-mounted domestic air conditioning

Wall-mounted air conditioning units are considered one of the most popular domestic solutions. There are two significant reasons behind the popularity of wall-mounted units, the first being that these units are usually the most affordable solution. Secondly, these units are usually the easiest and least stressful solution to install, most of the time these units do not require construction work or renovation.

Wall-mounted units also possess the benefit of relatively little, or no, noise pollution; this is an optimum design feature for a domestic installation. Sub-Zero can also source low wall-mounted units, these units are situated lower than your typical wall-mounted unit, located similarly to a radiator. These units are suitable for locations such as conservatories where the walls are considerably lower than elsewhere in the home.

Ducted domestic air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning units are typically the most expensive solution, this is mostly due to their visually satisfying nature. As a domestic air conditioning solution, ducted units possess the visual advantage, the ductwork and units are strategically concealed within a false ceiling or loft space, leaving only a grill visible to the naked eye.

In contrast to the simple installation associated with a wall-mounted unit, ducted units require a large amount of reconstruction and disturbance to the home, in order to achieve their visually pleasing end result.

Installed Domestic Air Conditioning vs. Portable units

You might be considering a portable air conditioning unit as a cooling solution for your home, this type of unit is favourable due to their ability to move from room to room and the lack of installation, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

However, it is worth bearing in mind the disadvantages associated with these units. For instance, portable units are increasingly noisy in comparison to the immobile installed units. This level of noise pollution can prove itself a slight nuisance in a domestic setting.

Portable units might also require the homeowner to keep a window open as a means of ventilation for the residing heat. This can prove disruptive as the home is now exposed to outdoor noise pollution, more importantly, this also provides a security risk as the home is breached and left susceptible to a potential intruder.

Domestic Air Conditioning Benefits

Installing an air conditioning unit at a domestic level offers a range of benefits and requires as little space as a traditional household radiator.

Benefits an air conditioning unit can offer your home:

Complete control – The ability to cool or heat your room to your desired temperature at just the touch of a button
Quiet mode – A domestic air conditioning install produces little to no noise, a stark contrast to the portable alternative
Customisability – Sub-Zero can source a range of bespoke units, selected to complement your individual interior
Allergy relief – Sub-Zero are able to source units that possess allergy relief options, leaving your air purified
Ease of use – Air conditioning units are remarkably easy to use; you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick things up!
Cost-effective – The majority of customers are left stunned at just how affordable installation of a domestic air conditioning unit can be

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