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Cold Rooms

A cold room is typically a man-made room that has a lower than average temperature, also referred to as a walk-in fridge or freezer. A cold room is usually used for the storage of perishable items so as to prolong their shelf life and prevent spoiling.

What are the benefits of a cold room?

Cold rooms offer users a range of benefits, they provide an adjustable temperature gage, allowing you to modify the temperature from chilled to freezing, depending on your requirements. Additionally, cold rooms are airtight, this means they are protected against any extreme weather conditions that could cause unusual climates.

Cold rooms are available in a variety of sizes, we can help find the most suitable size and shape for your property and requirements. A cold room that has been specifically designed to your requirements can also lead to space-saving as they offer a more effective storage solution than that of multiple refrigerators and freezers.

In the long run, cold rooms are predicted to save you money, as perishable items of food are stored at the correct temperature and are less prone to spoiling.

Why choose Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero Air Conditioning & Refrigeration possess vast knowledge and experience in the installation of cold rooms. All rooms installed by are supplied with a 5-year warranty and are purpose-built with your requirements in mind, be it a freezer cold room or chiller our high standard cold rooms will meet your requirements. We are so confident in the cold rooms we install that we offer a five-year warranty with any Sub-Zero cold room solution.

Sub-Zero Refrigeration also offers routine maintenance and a full breakdown service giving you peace of mind that your plant will stand the test of time.

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Do I need a cold room?

If you have the space a cold room is recommended as a cost-effective and highly efficient refrigeration solution. Cold rooms are ideal for a catering enterprise, restaurants or any facility that requires an ample amount of cold storage space.

Cold rooms offer an efficient means of stock storage and distribution, providing accessible shelving for ease of organisation and stock rotation.

How does a cold room work?

A cold room works similarly to that of a domestic refrigerator, or freezer. The room is well insulated, this is vital in preventing any warm, humid air from seeping in. The room utilises cooling units, air external to the cold room is drawn into the unit where it is cooled using refrigerant chemicals, before being pushed back into the room where it would circulate, lowering the room’s temperature.

The cold room’s temperature is controlled and monitored using the thermostat, if the temperature rises too high, or falls too low, a signal will be sent to the cooling unit and it will adjust accordingly.

Cold room installation

Our team of friendly air conditioning & refrigeration experts are fully qualified and experienced in all elements of refrigeration installation. The Sub-Zero team can be relied upon to complete any cold room installation project to the highest of standards.

The bespoke installation will be completed to the client’s specific temperature, size and shape requirements, installing a cold room not only requires the fitting of a refrigeration system but also the building of an insulated structure and integrating a power source. Installation times will vary depending on size.

Modular cold room

Modular cold rooms are commonly found within the food industry and are constructed using panels and insulation materials that are food safe. They are usually distributed in a flat pack format, making for a quick, seamless installation.

Combi cold room

Combi cold rooms possess separate internal temperature zones, a chilled zone, and a freezer zone. The chilled temperature zone has a temperature range of between 2 and 12 degrees centigrade. The freezer zone’s temperature range can reach as little as -22 degrees centigrade. This type of cold room is suitable for those who wish to store a variety of food products and require a multitude of temperatures.

Walk-in cold room

A walk-in cold room is a relatively large-scale storage facility that, as the name suggests, is large enough so the user can walk inside. This refrigerated storage room can take the form of both modular and combi. This type of cold room is suitable when the number of products that require chilled storage exceeds the capacity of a smaller, cabinet-sized chiller.

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Cold Rooms

A cold room is typically a man-made room that has a lower than average temperature, also referred to as a walk-in fridge or freezer. A cold room is usually used for the storage of perishable items so as to prolong their shelf life and prevent spoiling.

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