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The benefits of air conditioning

Air conditioning has been commonplace in our lives for over a century now, it is even considered a necessity in many settings. Yet, little is known of the sheer amount of benefits an AC unit offers.  

Besides its obvious temperature control functions, installing an air conditioning system can unlock a whole host of other benefits, especially in the workplace.

Physical benefits

Its no surprise that air conditioning has a large impact on our physical surroundings, however, it might surprise you that these impacts extend beyond its ability to cool or heat a room.

Energy efficient

Advanced technology means that air conditioning units are now able to heat/cool a building in an energy efficient manner. They are able to operate effectively with minimal energy use, this results in energy costs and carbon footprint decreasing.

Comfortable, controlled environment

Air conditioning units are able to condition the temperature of an environment to your exact specifications. This offers the user complete control, maintain a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather.

Decreased noise pollution

Air conditioning units operate at a surprisingly low noise level. This means you can cool a room without the interfering noise associated with opening a window or plugging in a fan.

Protection from the elements

As previously mentioned, introducing an air conditioning unit to your environment eliminates the need for open windows. This protects your space from not only the elements, but also the presence of insects or other parasites.

Health benefits

Opting for an air conditioning system can also offer an array of health benefits. These benefits can provide not only comfort, but also an improved overall quality of life.

Enhanced air quality

Busy environments are highly vulnerable to contagious illness; such as the common cold or flu. Introducing an air conditioning system can help combat this risk as air conditioners contain air purifying filters. Furthermore, through reducing humidity, air conditioners can help to prevent the growth of mildew and mould.

Enhanced sleep quality

One often-overlooked benefit associated with air conditioning is its ability to enhance your sleep quality. This benefit is a result of contributing factors of the benefits we have previously spoken about, such as decreased noise pollution and increased comfort. However, there is also a scientific reason behind this benefit, that is the effect air conditioning has on an individual’s core temperature.

Prevents dehydration

Excessive heat leads to excessive perspiration (sweat) and an increased risk of dehydration. Installing an air conditioning unit minimises this risk, maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature.

Allergy relief

As previously discussed, the air purifying filters found in air conditioning units have the ability to cleanse the air before emitting it into the environment. This reduces the risk of allergies as pollen and dust is filtered out.  

Workplace benefits

An air conditioning installation can be deemed essential in a work environment. Whether its commercial, industrial, or office-based work, an air conditioning system will provide you with a substantial amount of benefits, that are quite frankly difficult to ignore.

Decreased ‘sick days’

We’ve already established that air conditioner’s can drastically increase air quality, using air purifying filters to eliminate hazardous substances. Improved air quality for your employees should result in reduced risk of contracting illnesses in the workplace, meaning less ‘sick days.’

Prevents technology overheating

The 21st century workplace is crammed with all matter of technology, from computers, to machinery, to technical IT equipment, these devices are prone to overheating. This is vital in avoiding repairs that cost the business in both time and money.

Increased productivity

Working in a comfortably conditioned environment should increase workplace efficiency. A comfortably air-conditioned workspace encourages a relaxed environment, where employees are able to focus on their workload without distraction from discomfort. Additionally, the reduction in employee ‘sick days’ has a direct impact on workplace productivity.  

Protection against crime

Through eliminating the need for open windows, installing an air conditioning unit can protect your workplace against criminal activity. Closed windows create an extra barrier against theft, protecting your business and its assets.

Air conditioning installation or upgrade

To benefit from all that air conditioning has to offer, contact one of the friendly engineers at Sub-Zero to discuss your air conditioning requirements and get a free quote.