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Wall Mounted Daikin Air Conditioning

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Sub Zero are locally based Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Specialists.

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Wall-mounted air conditioning units allow you to selectively cool one area or room of your home or business premises at a time. These units are placed at a high-level on a wall & are perfect for smaller areas such as living rooms, offices, computer rooms, bedrooms, and shops. 

With the largest selection of wall-mounted air conditioning units and the most experienced team, you can trust that Sub-Zero Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can help you choose and install the best unit for your requirements.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Daikin Air Conditioning

  • Control - Cool specific rooms, or areas, of your home or commercial premises.
  • Cost efficiency - Wall-mounted units are an affordable option for those looking to keep cool without paying a hefty price in both installation and energy bills
  • Quiet - Most quality wall-mounted units operate at a low sound output, which ensures that you are kept cool and comfortable.

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